Homemade Truck Canopy

    truck canopy

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homemade truck canopy

homemade truck canopy – Truck Cap

Truck Cap Locking T-Handles – Pair Set
Truck Cap Locking T-Handles - Pair Set
Pair of T-Handles
Black powder coated finish
Tee-handle design Truck T-handle.

Very popular T-handle that is used by many truck cap manufacturers. Replacement T-handle for most brands of truck caps, toppers, camper tops and tonneau covers. Black powder coated finish T handle lock.
T-Handle interior screw mount 1-1/2″ shank.
Replaces most OEM T handle locks on most truck caps.

Finish: Black powder coated
Rotation: 90CW and 90CCW
Mounting: Blind 1-1/2cc with 3/8″ Lugs, Tapped 10-24 x 3/8″

Package: two t-handles (clockwise and counter clockwise) and four keys..

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Happy to be hiking together

Happy to be hiking together
A couple, backpacking south, exchanged photo op turns with us. We were both using a Canon G10. This photo is looking north at the north end of Shi Shi as we were hiking south on the beach towards Point of the Arches.

Sunday night June 14th, 2009 – my wife and I camped in the back of our pickup truck canopy at the “South Beach” camp on Washington’s Pacific Ocean coast.

Monday, we drove to Neah Bay, where we took an 8 mile round trip hike from the Makah Indian Reservation trailhead, along Shi Shi beach, to the beach immediately south of the Point of the Arches – – and back. After the Shi Shi Beach hike, we drove back north and took the short, but outstanding, one mile round trip hike to the Cape Flattery & Tatoosh Island overlook. There we saw marine birds and were treated to the sight of a gray whale swimming north through the channel between Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery.

Tuesday, we drove from our “basic” motel room in Neah Bay, back to our home in Eastern Washington, via the Hood Canal route. The back road travel and hiking over the two and half days were really enjoyable. My wife and I both had a great time and especially enjoyed the hikes and the camp at South Beach.

My flickr photo set “Shi Shi Beach – June 2009” has a detailed narrative of the trip and hikes.

100 3957

100 3957
July of 2011, building up a canopy frame for my 78 chevy 4×4, just to have as a camping rig and firewood truck, and as somewhere to throw my heelers when they get to rambunctious in the single cab! I’m polyurethaning all the wood, and then I’ll set up a camo tarp to button down around it, probably 3 separate tarps, one on the front, one for the top/sides, and 1 for the rear when I build up 2 doors at the back.